In a nutshell S.3319 is...

A bill introduced into Congress on August 1, 2018, authored by Illinois Senator, Dick Durbin. The purpose of which is to impose additional restrictions on tobacco flavors for use in e-cigarettes. The bill is aimed at regulating vaping to an extent that would make it nearly non existent. The bill has been coined the “SAFE Kids Act”, although it's very clear that this bill is intended to be a nod to big tobacco and the localities that have been cornered by tax dollars provided by cigarette purchases.


This bill will essentially destroy the greatest form of smoking cessation ever devised and decimate an industry who's main purpose is to free people from the death sentence of cigarettes and the cancer causing chemicals that they contain. Despite the wealth of scientific studies, such as the flavor survey conducted by respected researcher and cardiologist Dr. Farsalinos, clearly showing adults use flavors to quit smoking as well as the clear proof of 95% harm reduction by the most thorough study of vaping ever compiled, “Nicotine without smoke: tobacco harm reduction” from the Royal college of Physicians, Senator Durbin remains steadfast in his ignorance.


This isn't the first time the powers that be have attempted to dismantle our right to harm reduction, and it won't be the last. We need to work together, as a community, to show the world how much vaping had changed our lives and/or the lives of those that we love. This site isn't intended to be a platform to fight just S.3319, but rather a launching pad for the vape community to join in unison to reach past our peers and teach smokers and the world as a whole how vaping can change lives. Join us, before it's too late.


To read the full bill click here