It all started in the VapeStew Discord Chat.......

When some not so simple questions were asked. What do we do to fight S.3319 and activate the 90% of vapers who aren't hobbyists? How do we reach smokers and the loved ones of vapers and smokers and make them aware of the importance of protecting our vaping rights? After a flurry of questions, #IQuitSmokingByVaping was born and multiple projects were initiated (so stay tuned!). 


Our Team (NOT listed in any particular order, everyone on this team is equally important to our mission)

  • Travis "Builder.Guard" Ross of JMT Elite - Organizer/Promoter - tross@iquitsmokingbyvaping.com
  • Chuck "Advocate.Educate.Decimate/NorCalSickBoy - Organizer/Promoter
  • Stan "TenaciousTXvapes" - Organizer/Promoter
  • Eric "Vapin_Politician" Miller - Organizer/Media - vapinpolitician@iquitsmokingbyvaping.com
  • Vapor_Swaggins - Organizer/Media - vswags@iquitsmokingbyvaping.com
  • James Franklin - Organizer/Media - James@Iquitsmokingbyvaping.com
  • Frankie Estrada -Organizer - Frankie@Iquitsmokingbyvaping.com
  • DMO Vapes - Organizer/Media
  • John Frosch - Media
  • Scott Zegans - Organizer/Promoter
  • Mirza Baig - Organizer/Promoter
  • Sean Typhoon - Media

And a special thank you to the entire VapeStew community for their continued feedback, support, and promotion of this project.