What is a “Thunderclap”?

A thunderclap is a unique way for the vape community to join together in one unified voice. Everyone who signs up for the “Thunderclap” is signing up to send a synchronized tweet to Donald Trump at the same time, with the message “I quit smoking with vape flavors .Please don't let Gotlieb ban flavors. I vape and I vote.“ Your tweet will be sent on November 1st 2018, about a week before the midterm elections.

To join in the thunderclap , follow these steps:

  1. Click “Support this campaign” in the embedded widget directly below these instructions.

  2. Once you click “Support this campaign”, a new window/tab will open with the website we chose as the platform to execute this ThunderClap (GuestCrew). Because it opens in a new window/tab, these instructions will be easily available to look back to.

  3. Once you’re on the GuestCrew website, you will see a large heading that says “Contribute now for Save the Vape Industry Campaign”.

  4. Below that heading, you will see two separate buttons, one for Facebook and another for Twitter.

  5. Click on the button for Twitter. Although Facebook is also an option, our preference is Twitter. (Note: If you do choose to use Facebook as well, we will still utilize it as an additional ThunderClap platform).

  6. After clicking the button for Twitter (or Facebook), you will be brought to another page that asks you to login to your social media account.

  7. Enter your login information and click authorize.

  8. You will be brought back to the GuestCrew website (and they will ask you to subscribe to their newsletter, select No).

  9. On November 1st, your account will tweet to Donald Trump with the message “I quit smoking with vape flavors .Please don't let Gotlieb ban flavors. I vape and I vote.” at the same time as everyone else who signed up to participate in this campaign!



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  • Vaping is far less addictive than smoking according to this study

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